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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Two is better than one!

Diana did a read-along for this one. Here are some of her thoughts:

"amazing book. great blog! there are also so many things that i love about this book. it's not even as graphic or squalid as i remember some of his short stories being, but its scenes and ideas have so much depth. it's hard to believe that he wrote this in 1953, not long at all after movies had begun to be made, and there probably weren't That many people who had a tv set in their house, but he saw SO far into the future. it's amazing. the age of cinema and information overload wasn't anywhere near as developed as it is today, but he saw the possible ramifications. he envisioned the 4-wall tv screen, and i love that you can read that as a metaphor for all that inanity and nothingness taking over mildred, and slowly enveloping her. and i just LOVE the ending scene. i don't think i grasped it very well when i first read the book, but when i was reading the final scene, where the jets appear at 5,000 miles at hour and demolish the entire city, and the men are thrown to the ground, grasping at the dirt, it was just so powerful and fantastic. they had escaped it because they disavowed society and had begun a return to nature, and i felt so distinctly the parallels to our current idiotic wars, ones born out of ignorance. it's such a great book.

i enjoyed my read-along so much i'm going to do it again. i'm going to trade in my one precious library book for the hitchhiker's guide. i think i May have read it before, but if i did i certainly don't remember it very well."

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