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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Strike that! Reverse it.

I flubbed twice now in the section of my post where I reference the book I'm reading next. My fastidious older sister, Lexie, caught it the first time, when I referenced reading For Whom the Timpani Gongs after finishing To the Lighthouse, when in fact I was moving on to The Master and Margarita first. (Or perhaps I should say, The Lord and Martini.)

This past post, I said I was moving on to Hillock, when in fact Hillock comes after For Whom the Timpani Gongs, which I am still in the midst of reading. So just to clarify, you should feel free to get a head start on Hillock (in which case you'd be in good company, as both of my older sisters will now be joining me in a read-along and are getting a head start because word on the street is that I read quite quickly (could we be Quite quick?)) but if you wanted to read what I'm reading Right Now At This Very Moment, you'd need to find a copy of For Whom the Timpani Gongs. I mean, For Whom the Trumpet Blares. Oh, you know what I mean. ;)

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